Ilaria Matteucci

DR. ILARIA MATTEUCCI (female) (M.Sc. 2003, Ph.D. 2008) is a researcher in the security group of the IIT-CNR in Pisa. Her main research interests include formal models for the synthesis of secure systems, data sharing analysis in service oriented architectures., and privacy policies on personal data, with a particular eye to medical data. Currently, her research interests include the study of process algebra based techniques for the analysis and the run-time enforcement of security and privacy properties and quantitative measures for security. More recently, she research interest is focused on Automotive Cyber-Security focuses on the CAN-bus protocol and, in particular, the security property such as Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication.  Android-based radio system is also part of my research activity in automotive. In particular, we exploit Android Radio to remotely access the car and read data coming from car's sensors. These involve the parking-camera, the internal microphone, GPS, and other CAN-bus information, like engine RMP, fuel, brakes and others. She participates in National and European projects in the area of information security applied to web services, healthcare, and critical infrastructure, such as FP6 EU S3MS, FP7 EU CONNECT, Consequence, Aniketos, NeSSoS, CocoCloud, Artemis EU SESAMO, H2020 C3ISP PRIN TENACE and GAUSS, e-SHS.

venerdì 27 settembre
ore 14.30
"Candy Cream Exploy"
Fondazione San Carlo - Chiesa